The best Alternative to Permanent Structures

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The best Alternative to Permanent Structures

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Townsville Waterproof Shade Sails
The best Alternative to Permanent Structures
Most people associate shade sails with the typical woven shade material you see covering children’s playgrounds in local parks, council swimming pools and child care centres across the nation. Yes, these are the most common form of shade sails. A very cost effective and convenient way of protecting our loved ones from the harsh climatic conditions we are exposed to in Australia.

Yes! There are waterproof shade sails available on the market for commercial and private application. As the name suggests they are 100% waterproof made using high quality PVC materials. Townsville Waterproof shade sails provide the added advantage of allowing outdoor areas to be used during rainy periods. They are the perfect options for a carport, patio, school playground, childcare centre, street front cafes and more if you don’t want to have limitation on usage.

At Townsville Shade Sails we offer a greater range of colour options for our Townsville waterproof shade sails making them a very popular alternative to permanent structures or aluminium patios. Not only are they functional, but they add character and charm. Adaptable and versatile they can be used to improve the value of homes, creating a pleasing and aesthetic improvement to your business or home without breaking the bank.

Due to the natural contours of Townsville waterproof shade sails they create movement in spaces maintaining feelings of openness and allowing light to penetrate between sails creating illumination and architectural conversational points of interest. Specialising in the custom design, manufacture and installation of shade sails of any size and for any use, Townsville Shade Sails are your local experts in the industry. With a reputation of supplying only superior craftsmanship and materials that will stand the test of time you can trust Townsville Shade Sails.

Made from PVC shade cloth with a plastic coating layer on one side which prevents water from passing through it is very popular for providing a protective barrier between you and the elements. When installing your waterproof shade sails you need to ensure that the plastic coating is facing upwards. Additionally, attention needs to be given to the angles and tension placed upon the shade cloth to ensure that water pooling does not occur. This pooling of water can lead to stretching and ultimately breakage due to the inability for the water to seep as with standard shade cloth.

The Specialised Textiles Association provides further information on the properties of waterproof shade cloth, including its sun protection, durability, weather protection (which includes decreases in temperature whilst underneath a shade structure) and more.

Our shade solutions are eternal in style. We offer a free quoting service. Contact us today for further information!