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Townsville’s Number One Shade Sail Company

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Townsville is the big “small town” that people love living in. Not so small that everyone knows your business and not too large that you feel like a cog in a big wheel. The people are friendly, the lifestyle is relaxed, and the weather is hot and humid.

The work/life balance is just right, and Townsville residents especially like the”life” part of the equation and love their backyards. Pools, BBQ’s, relaxation areas are the order of the day, and why not?

Here at Townsville Shade Sails we’re kept pretty busy with maintaining that lifestyle, advising on and supplying the best shade sails in town. We’re all locals and the mixture of our experience of the trade and the local scene makes us the ideal choice when you decide to give your backyard area that stylish upgrade.

Few Queensland cities know what the summer sun is really like better than Townsville. With the thermometer pushing through the 40c mark with alarming regularity, it’s never been a better time to keep cool. But air conditioners are expensive to run continually and you don’t want to be cooped up inside all the time anyway. But there’s a cost-effective way you can keep cool and maximise your living space.

Your backyard is an untapped area that could be used far more with the installation of a shade sail. Great looking, a huge variety of colours and designs that keep out harmful UV rays, but lets the cool breeze waft through – they’re the ideal solution to the hot, humid Townsville climate.

Townsville Shade Sails design, manufacture, wholesale, retail, and maintain. Essentially, we’re Townsville’s go-to, one-stop shop for all your shade sail needs. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive, innovative and great looking solution to keeping cool, call us today for a fast, free, no-obligation quote.

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Shade Sails Can Add Value to Your Property

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Townsville residents are probably only too aware it’s a buyer’s market right now but with many people flocking to the city in order to grab a bargain, it’s more important than ever for sellers to do what they can to add value to their homes.

Townsville Shade Sails have noticed that the sale of residential shade sails is are soaring right now and one of the reasons (apart from record-breaking temperatures!) is they are realising that these stylish installations improve the image and therefore value of the properties.

Shade sails are one of the most affordable, versatile and low-maintenance ways to cool your property, and their smart, elegant designs make them easily the most fashionable too.

As a long-established, experienced local company we know what Townsville homes and businesses need when it comes to cost-effective shade sail solutions. Apart from the huge range of colours and fabrics to choose from, you can be assured that our sails meet all requirements for protection from the sun’s harmful UV-R rays.  

Unlike adding an aluminium or timber awning, shade sails, with their breathability, offer air flow, keeping you cool whilst still increasing your year-round living area. And if you’re considering selling your property, take a look at the shades we’ve supplied and you’ll immediately see how an affordable shade sail will instantly add value to your home.

We have 100s of satisfied customers who will testify as to the immediate advantages of a low-maintenance shade sail. And with Queensland summers not looking likely to be getting cooler anytime soon, isn’t it about time you maximised the use of your outdoor living space?

So whether you want to do it yourself or have us come and install for you, there’s only one company to call on. When you choose Townsville Shade Sails, you’re buying local, you’re buying experience, and you’re buying smart.  Contact us today.

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Increase your Liveable Space with Affordable Shade Sails

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We read a lot about solar panels and how they save money on your electricity bill. This is certainly true, but there’s a big initial outlay. Thankfully, we here at Townsville Shade Sails can offer you another, more cost-effective ways to reduce your electricity bill.

You can dramatically trim down your reliance on air conditioners by installing a shade sail in your yard close to your patio doors. This will shield your indoor living area from direct sunlight, reducing the heat build up and also allow you to keep the doors open to allow that wonderful through-breeze due to the shade-sails fabrics’ inherent breathability. You’ll be keeping cool, whilst doing your bit for the environment by not being an unnecessary drain on the electricity grid during our incredibly hot summers.

Another big advantage of shade sails for Townsville home owners is the way they can considerably increase your available living area. By covering your patio area with a breathable shade sail that offers UV-protection you are basically allowing for an extra all year round living space for the family. Shade sails are cost effective, don’t require planning permission and materially cost far less than a permanent pergola or fixed awning.

Shade sails are a brilliant way to improve your lifestyle, increase your liveable area, save you money and even help add value to your home.

Townsville Shade Sails are a local, well-established, experienced friendly company that know Townsville inside out – its people, its climate and its homes. We know just the right shade sail array to perfectly set off your backyard living space.

We’d be delighted to give you a free, fast, no-obligation quote to show you just how a shade sail will offer you a cost effective extension to your home. Contact us today.

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Fun in the Sun with Shady Solutions

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Townsville Shade Sails are premier designers, manufacturers and installers of recreational shade sails for any commercial or recreational purpose.

Our client base extends from government, hospitality and education centres to resorts and leisure & recreational facilities in the local area. Providing adequate shelter from the unsympathetic Queensland sun is a challenge any owner of a recreational facility must meet. While customers and patrons enjoy frolicking in the sun, there are times when they need to escape the harshness. With the soaring temperatures which occur year-round in Townsville, the need for shade is unparalleled.


Townsville Shade Sails have the best solutions available. Through the use of shade sails, you can create a fun and exciting place where people can escape the searing heat and enjoy significantly lower temperatures as well as protection from the burning sun.

Our shade sails have a super visual impact and are a great addition to any recreational space. Plus, with the highest UV rated materials available on the market, they are guaranteed to protect kids and families. Their versatility in being able to be placed almost anywhere is an additional and highly sought after feature.

Hypar Designs – To maximise shade coverage “Hypar designs” are recommended by most leading shade sail manufacturers and installers. A Hypar design consists of 4 anchor points with high and low points installed diagonally opposite each other. This produces a natural twist in the sail that is an architectural feature and also creates large expanses of usable shade.

Watch this clip on how a Hypar design works

Cantilever Structures – A modern twist on the conventional patio cantilever, shade sail structures offer you maximum sun and/or rain protection with the use of minimal materials. At the initial consult the movement of the sun will be taken into consideration, ensuring your cantilever shade sail is designed to achieve the protection you need.

See how cantilever structures create shade whilst taking up minimal ground space

For all your recreational shade sails solutions, contact Townsville Shade Sails.

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Shade! Shade! And more Shade

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Townsville Shade Sails are your leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of professional shade sails for business owners and commercial enterprises. We have been helping clients from near and far for many years now. Our client base includes councils, resorts, businesses large and small, regional attraction areas and more. The versatility and cost effectiveness of shade sails make them a great alternative if you are looking for a shading solution in Townsville.


Our shade sail structures are custom designed to suit the individual needs of our clients. Whether you are looking for skyline or facade protection, we have a solution for you.

Townsville Shade Sails will work with you every step of the way, from the initial measure and quote, design and selection of the right fabric for your circumstance, through to manufacture and installation.


Stocking a range of materials and colours, we have you covered. Your shade solution will not only be effective, it will be visually appealing.



The most common form of shade sail protection is skyline protection, providing relief, shade and protection from the unforgiving heat of the Queensland sun. When you are selecting the material for your skyline protection, consider whether you are looking for a waterproof or permeable material. There are benefits and features to each of these products:

Waterproof – The material is 100% waterproof, providing you not only protection from the sun but also from inclement weather. This allows your patrons and customers to utilise your services year-round. The installation of waterproof vinyl professional shade sails can be very beneficial to your business.

Permeable – As the name suggests, this material is not waterproof. However, it does allow for natural air currents to develop and flow, increasing the comfort of your guests. Permeable shade sails also allow filtered light to come through, creating ambience.


If you are seeking facade protection from the searing Townsville sun, Townsville Shade Sails offer you a fun solution that will not detract from the beauty of your building. We can design, manufacture and install your shade sails at any angle to maximise protection from the sun whilst still allowing filtered light to come through. Lighter colours are best for this type of application.

Regardless of which type of material you choose or the application purpose, you will benefit from the strength, tensile resistance and longevity of any professional shade sails material you select.

Contact us today at Townsville Shade Sails.

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Swimming Pool Shade

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Finding the perfect outdoor shade has just become a lot easier, including getting swimming pool shade for swimming pools of all sizes, from private backyards to Olympic-sized pools at your local council swimming area. At Townsville Shade Sails, we custom design and manufacture to your specifications, making each sail we install truly unique. Create a statement which serves as protection from the searing summer sun experienced in Townsville. Townsville Shade Sails are a locally owned and operated supplier and installer of swimming pool shade solutions across Townsville. .


The clear advantages of using the cost effective, highly UV-Rated (up to 99%) and versatile shade sail materials for all your swimming pool shade solutions is unequivocal. The huge colour selection, ranging from punchy modern colours with pop through to contemporary colour combinations leaving room for artistic creation, combined with the ability of shade sail to be cut to fit in and around objects and the ease of installation, makes them a cost effective, perfect project for the confident DIY handyman. Alternatively, as a swimming pool installer or builder you could offer this cost effective solution to clients at the time of installation.  


The strength and durability of shade sail has been proven through extensive testing by manufacturers and is attested with up to 15 years warranty on some products. With options of permeable or 100% waterproof vinyl sealing the deal. There really is no reason why you would consider any other options for your swimming pool shade requirements.

Townsville Shade Sails are leading suppliers and installers of shade sails throughout Townsville. We use only the finest quality materials with exceptional warranties which have been proven to stand the test of time.

Contact us today at Townsville Shade Sails for all your summer shade answers.


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Shade Sails for Patios

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Installing a custom-made patio to provide protection from the harsh northern Australian Summers and yearly sunshine has never been easier. Shade sails for Patios, are the latest trend taking Australia by storm.

Creating a cost effective, funky and modern entertainment area in your front yard, back yard or anywhere in your yard has just become a fun process. When you choose to install shade sails for patios anywhere across Townsville and surrounding suburbs there is only one company to contact, Townsville Shade Sails. We are a locally owned shade sail supplier and installer with local knowledge.

Shade Sails are very adaptable and flexible, enabling them to be cut to almost any shape to fit even the oddest areas of your home. The funky and contemporary selection of colours available, combined with exceptional UV Rating, materials warranties and range of waterproof or permeable shade sails, make them suitable for any circumstance or application.

Installing shade sails for patios gives owners the flexibility to play with colour and shape. Creating fun, funky entertainment spaces which will entice you to spend time in the great outdoors with the knowledge that you will be protected from the harmful Australian sun.

Shade sails are much more cost effective and easier to install than permanent aluminium patios, making them a great DIY Project for the confident handyman. With exceptional warranties available (up to 15 years on certain products), your new shade sail will stand the test of time.  

Shade sails offer exceptional UV protection of up to 99% on certain products, with other beneficial features being the reduction of glare and protection from heat.

Townsville Shade Sails use and recommend only the highest-grade shade materials available on the market. Contact us today to arrange an obligation free measure, design and quote consult and see how a shade sail can be implemented into your lifestyle for a fraction of the cost of other patio systems.

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Shade Sails Townsville

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Why Use Townsville Shade Sails?
We are a team of professionals. More than that we are locals who live and work in Townsville. With our local knowledge we are your perfect partner in providing recommendations and advice on the right type of shade sails Townsville has to offer for your particular needs.

We service all local suburbs, and regional areas in and around Townsville from the north to the south. We can arrange a time to quote on your new shade sail that suits you. For your convenience we can arrange all installation work around your schedules. Our aim is provide a service that is face, efficient and convenient. The end results is a stunning new architecturally aesthetic shade solution which will allow you to enjoy summer.

All our work is carried out to the highest standards with warranty on workmanship and applicable warranties on your chosen material of up to 10years.

Shade Sails Townsville – for summer!
Summer is coming fast and so is the hot weather. Are you covered this summer? If not. Consider a shade sail. The Shade Sails Townsville Shade Sails install are of the finest quality materials. With extensive material warranties you and your family are guaranteed to have the highest UV ratings available. We offer only the latest advances in technology. When combined with professional installation you have a perfect solution for all your shade sail Townsville woes at a fraction of the cost of other products on the market.

The versatility of shade sails
The answer is only limited by your imitation. Townsville Shade Sails have been installing shade sails across the region for many years and we have seen it all.

Carport – Protect your expensive assets which could include motorbike, boat, caravan and car from the damaging Australian sun. Our professionally installed high quality shades sails Townsville stand the test of time giving you maximum protection.

Pool covers – Shade sails make an attractive and economical shade solution for your backyard swimming pool. The benefits of a professionally installed shade sail structure are immediate. Shade sails are stunning, solid, and most importantly will provide the much sought after protection desired from the Australian sun.
Patio / Entertainment areas – Do you already have a current entertainment area? Are looking for a cost effective and modern alternative to permanent fixed aluminium patios? Look no further we have the solutions here at Townsville Shade Sails.

Install a visually appealing, strong and versatile shade sail structure. Shade sail comes in many different styles and an array of bright and contemporary colours to suit and compliment any living style. The materials we use will not stretch and when combined with professional installation you are guaranteed an attractive shade sail solution that will not break the bank. It will however give you back your freedom in using your outdoor space during summers sweltering weather.

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The best Alternative to Permanent Structures

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Townsville Waterproof Shade Sails
The best Alternative to Permanent Structures
Most people associate shade sails with the typical woven shade material you see covering children’s playgrounds in local parks, council swimming pools and child care centres across the nation. Yes, these are the most common form of shade sails. A very cost effective and convenient way of protecting our loved ones from the harsh climatic conditions we are exposed to in Australia.

Yes! There are waterproof shade sails available on the market for commercial and private application. As the name suggests they are 100% waterproof made using high quality PVC materials. Townsville Waterproof shade sails provide the added advantage of allowing outdoor areas to be used during rainy periods. They are the perfect options for a carport, patio, school playground, childcare centre, street front cafes and more if you don’t want to have limitation on usage.

At Townsville Shade Sails we offer a greater range of colour options for our Townsville waterproof shade sails making them a very popular alternative to permanent structures or aluminium patios. Not only are they functional, but they add character and charm. Adaptable and versatile they can be used to improve the value of homes, creating a pleasing and aesthetic improvement to your business or home without breaking the bank.

Due to the natural contours of Townsville waterproof shade sails they create movement in spaces maintaining feelings of openness and allowing light to penetrate between sails creating illumination and architectural conversational points of interest. Specialising in the custom design, manufacture and installation of shade sails of any size and for any use, Townsville Shade Sails are your local experts in the industry. With a reputation of supplying only superior craftsmanship and materials that will stand the test of time you can trust Townsville Shade Sails.

Made from PVC shade cloth with a plastic coating layer on one side which prevents water from passing through it is very popular for providing a protective barrier between you and the elements. When installing your waterproof shade sails you need to ensure that the plastic coating is facing upwards. Additionally, attention needs to be given to the angles and tension placed upon the shade cloth to ensure that water pooling does not occur. This pooling of water can lead to stretching and ultimately breakage due to the inability for the water to seep as with standard shade cloth.

The Specialised Textiles Association provides further information on the properties of waterproof shade cloth, including its sun protection, durability, weather protection (which includes decreases in temperature whilst underneath a shade structure) and more.

Our shade solutions are eternal in style. We offer a free quoting service. Contact us today for further information!


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Do It Yourself in Townsville – Shade Sail Solutions

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Measure between each of your anchor points in a direct line. Do not make allowances.

Supply the individual measurements to us

We will confirm accuracy of measurements and place orders

Manufactured shade sails will be delivered within a 1-2 week turn-around

If in doubt, please contact our knowledgeable staff for confirmation.


The convenience of ‘Do It Yourself’ is something we are proud to offer our customers. Townsville Shade Sails advocate the capabilities of skilled individuals in the community. With this in mind we offer Townsville DIY Shade Sails as a cost effective alternative to obtaining the look you are after on a budget.


Confident in completing the installation yourself. Why not order your custom built shade sail from Townsville Shade Sails in your chosen materials and colour? Upon delivery you are free to complete installation at your leisure. If at any stage, you encounter difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us for free advice.


Commercial builders use our Townsville DIY Shade Sails services with regularity. They see the value in money in installing a shade sail solution opposed to the installation of a permanent structure. Providing unique options to clients which will enhance the value of property with colour and architectural style, shade sails are the most versatile shade solutions.

Able to be adapted to fit any space with little effort, requiring secure anchor points they create flow and appeal with a splash of colour. Bring life and vitality to your entertainment area in Townsville with a high quality, Australian made to suit our climate and manufactured shade sail. They will dramatically increase the way in which you utilise space throughout the year.

Do yourself or your clients a favour, view out product selection, gallery or work completed and contact us for an obligation free quote on our Townsville DIY Shade Sails.