Increase your Liveable Space with Affordable Shade Sails

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Increase your Liveable Space with Affordable Shade Sails

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We read a lot about solar panels and how they save money on your electricity bill. This is certainly true, but there’s a big initial outlay. Thankfully, we here at Townsville Shade Sails can offer you another, more cost-effective ways to reduce your electricity bill.

You can dramatically trim down your reliance on air conditioners by installing a shade sail in your yard close to your patio doors. This will shield your indoor living area from direct sunlight, reducing the heat build up and also allow you to keep the doors open to allow that wonderful through-breeze due to the shade-sails fabrics’ inherent breathability. You’ll be keeping cool, whilst doing your bit for the environment by not being an unnecessary drain on the electricity grid during our incredibly hot summers.

Another big advantage of shade sails for Townsville home owners is the way they can considerably increase your available living area. By covering your patio area with a breathable shade sail that offers UV-protection you are basically allowing for an extra all year round living space for the family. Shade sails are cost effective, don’t require planning permission and materially cost far less than a permanent pergola or fixed awning.

Shade sails are a brilliant way to improve your lifestyle, increase your liveable area, save you money and even help add value to your home.

Townsville Shade Sails are a local, well-established, experienced friendly company that know Townsville inside out – its people, its climate and its homes. We know just the right shade sail array to perfectly set off your backyard living space.

We’d be delighted to give you a free, fast, no-obligation quote to show you just how a shade sail will offer you a cost effective extension to your home. Contact us today.