Townsville’s Number One Shade Sail Company

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Townsville’s Number One Shade Sail Company

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Townsville is the big “small town” that people love living in. Not so small that everyone knows your business and not too large that you feel like a cog in a big wheel. The people are friendly, the lifestyle is relaxed, and the weather is hot and humid.

The work/life balance is just right, and Townsville residents especially like the”life” part of the equation and love their backyards. Pools, BBQ’s, relaxation areas are the order of the day, and why not?

Here at Townsville Shade Sails we’re kept pretty busy with maintaining that lifestyle, advising on and supplying the best shade sails in town. We’re all locals and the mixture of our experience of the trade and the local scene makes us the ideal choice when you decide to give your backyard area that stylish upgrade.

Few Queensland cities know what the summer sun is really like better than Townsville. With the thermometer pushing through the 40c mark with alarming regularity, it’s never been a better time to keep cool. But air conditioners are expensive to run continually and you don’t want to be cooped up inside all the time anyway. But there’s a cost-effective way you can keep cool and maximise your living space.

Your backyard is an untapped area that could be used far more with the installation of a shade sail. Great looking, a huge variety of colours and designs that keep out harmful UV rays, but lets the cool breeze waft through – they’re the ideal solution to the hot, humid Townsville climate.

Townsville Shade Sails design, manufacture, wholesale, retail, and maintain. Essentially, we’re Townsville’s go-to, one-stop shop for all your shade sail needs. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive, innovative and great looking solution to keeping cool, call us today for a fast, free, no-obligation quote.